Trollstice | Adley Kate's Trolls Birthday Party Theme

Trolls was a mega hit for DreamWorks Animation, so it's no surprise that we're super fans over here at Allie Logan Designs! When we recently spotted a Trolls-inspired birthday party on one of our favorite customer's Instagram feed, we KNEW we had to share with all of you. 

Trolls Birthday Party via Allie Logan Designs

As a disclaimer, we did not provide the invitations or printables for this party. Kudos to mom Ashley who sourced some very cute products.  However, we sure would have loved to work with her again! Here are two samples of our Trolls-inspired invitations:

Trolls Hair Custom Invitation via Allie Logan DesignsTrolls Custom Invitation via Allie Logan Designs 
Birthday girl Adley Kate's cake doubled as great party decor! If it tasted half as good as it looked, guests were in for a real treat!
Trolls Birthday Cake - Allie Logan Designs
Speaking of treats, the trolls themed sweets look like something from Lady Glitter Sparkles' best confectionery dreams.  Don't you just wanna grab one for yourself?
Trolls Birthday Cookies via Allie Logan Designs
Trolls Iced Cookies via Allie Logan Designs
As a fun party activity, guests enjoyed a painting station inspired by a pivotal song featured in the movie - "True Colors". Handmade party favors are a great way to commemorate a fun birthday.
Trolls party theme painting station
Want to really have the biggest, loudest, craziest party ever? We have found some other cute ideas you may want to incorporate. 
  1. Trolls Hair Headbands (source)      
  2. Trolls Party Favor Suckers (source) PS: Allie Logan Designs would love to make personalized favor tags to attach onto each sucker! Trolls Party Favor Ideas
  3. Party music. Duh! This one' a no-brainer. Thanks to Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande and more, just pop in the movie's official soundtrack and you're all set!

    That's it for this party. If you have a great idea, let us know. We're always up for a good collaboration. Your party may be our next featured idea!

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