Guest Blogger: Shanisty Ireland from She's Becoming Domestic

Below is a blog post from Shanisty Ireland - writer at She's Becoming Domestic. It was a pleasure designing invitations, a banner, and cupcake toppers for her adorable son's 4th birthday party. Happy Birthday Luke!

We celebrated Luke’s birthday with family, this past weekend. It was a really simple party with minimal decorations and homemade cupcakes. (Don’t judge the cupcakes. Someone asked me if they were cinnamon roles. I’m a great cook…terrible baker.)

I have yet to host a major birthday party for any of my kids…the more simple, the better. I was so thrilled a good friend from Alabama offered to make the invitations and decorations for me. Her business, Allie Logan Designs, offers a wide variety of party invitations, cake toppers, banners and more!

Laura was so kind and easy to work with. I simply told her Luke loves sports and she did the rest. I highly recommend Allie Logan Designs for your party planning needs.

Side note: Luke still hates the Happy Birthday song. The cupcakes actually did taste great. The company was even better. And the toys were the best!

Loved the simplicity of his Birthday Banner. Luke isn’t a fan of attention. Hence, his face.
Love the cupcake toppers…Not the most professional looking cupcakes, but they tasted grand! (ish)
Luke is F O U R
The invitations by Allie Logan Designs
Getting ready to sing
Four years later…still hates the Happy Birthday song.
Luke wouldn’t smile by his banner, but Eden stepped up to the plate. Literally.

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